DEI Business Design

NoorD Consulting collaborates with businesses to integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles and practices into their overall business strategy, business model, policies, and culture. My approach involves conducting comprehensive assessments, creating tailored DEI plans, implementing inclusive practices, and providing continuous support and guidance to foster an inclusive and equitable organizational culture.

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NoorD Consulting utilizes inclusive design and DEI methods to assist businesses in creating products, services, and systems that meet the diverse needs of their users. The focus is on incorporating diverse perspectives and needs into every stage of the design process to create inclusive solutions that benefit society and drive innovation.

Services may include:

Helping businesses identify areas for improvement

Conducts audits to identify areas where businesses can improve their inclusivity and guides how to address those gaps.

Developing DEI strategies

Assists businesses in developing strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their products, services, and systems. This includes strategies for hiring and talent development, supplier diversity, and community engagement.

Expert training

Provides training to help businesses understand the importance of inclusive design and DEI, as well as practical guidance on how to incorporate inclusive design practices into their processes.

Ongoing support

Provides ongoing support to businesses as they work to implement inclusive design practices and DEI strategies, and helps them measure the impact of those efforts.

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