Talks & Keynotes

NoorD Consulting offers lectures and keynotes to inform and inspire businesses on the importance of inclusive design, DEI practices, their social impact and sustainability.

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NoorD Consulting believes that effective communication is essential to promoting positive change. The talks and keynotes offered by the business are designed to be thought-provoking, inclusive, and challenging, aiming to encourage conversations around critical topics such as social impact and sustainability. Through collaboration with clients, the content is customized to ensure that it resonates with their audience, inspiring individuals to play an active role in promoting equity and sustainability.

Examples of topics:

The business case for inclusive design

Unlocking the Potential of Inclusive Design for Business Growth

Designing for Impact

Navigating Complex Times with Equity as our guide

How biases affect design decisions

Exploring the ways in which unconscious biases can impact design outcomes and perpetuate inequality.

Designing for Liberation

Overcoming Biases and Power Imbalances

Leading with Equity

A Framework for Building Equitable and Inclusive Organizations

Liberatory Design

Redefining Design for Social Justice

The Role of Equity in Leadership

How to Foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Organization

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