ESG Consulting with focus on Social

NoorD Consulting offers specialized ESG consulting services that focus specifically on the Social aspect of ESG. By working with businesses to align their operations with social sustainability strategies, I help them integrate these practices into their overall business strategy for a sustainable and socially responsible future.

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At NoorD Consulting, the approach to social sustainability involves prioritizing people and their well-being in business operations. Liberatory design is a key tool utilized to create solutions that foster equity by breaking down systems of oppression. By co-creating with diverse stakeholders, NoorD Consulting prioritizes the needs and experiences of marginalized groups in design processes, resulting in accessible and inclusive products, services, and systems that work towards dismantling structural inequalities. This approach ensures that businesses meet ESG standards and contribute to positive social impact, while progress towards a more equitable future is made.

Services may include:

Social sustainability assessment

Analyzing a business's social sustainability performance and identifying areas for improvement

Stakeholder engagement

Engaging with stakeholders to understand their needs and concerns, and incorporating their feedback into business decision-making.

Social impact measurement

Developing metrics and tools to measure the social impact of a business's operations and investments.

Social sustainability strategy development

Developing a comprehensive social sustainability strategy that aligns with a business's overall goals and objectives.

Integration with overall ESG strategy

Ensuring that the social sustainability strategy is integrated with the business's overall ESG strategy and aligns with best practices in the industry.

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